High Density, Inc. offers a variety of shelving styles to meet any storage requirement. Stationary or free-standing shelving is available, standard or custom configured in steel/ wood laminate combinations. All styles are available in varying depths and heights.

4 – Post Shelving is our most widely used style offering strength, rigidity, and a smart front office look. It is economical and has a wide range of accessories. 4-post office storage shelving is an attractive choice for storing a wide variety of items. Offering strength and rigidity, 4-post shelving can be used for both bin and file applications and is available in a wide 4-post shelving for file applications can be used for all types of files including letter and legal sizes and come with open or closed uprights.

High Density Mobile Shelving is perfect for optimizing space and storage capacity. Mobile aisle shelving compacts your shelves together and lets you open the shelf that you specifically need when you need it. Access records, files, and small parts only when needed by utilizing its track and ergonomic floating aisle access system. High density office storage shelving offers the greatest utilization of floor space while maintaining accessibility. By compacting shelving and reducing the required number of access aisles, you can store all items in dramatically less space. And most importantly, the high-density system works with any type of shelving including case-type, cantilever, and 4-post.

Case – Type Shelving is ideal for upscale offices and libraries. Its distinguishing feature is double wall uprights offering a clean smooth finish without exposed connections. Available in a variety of shelving colors and with custom wood end panel options, case-type shelving meets all your interior design needs.

Library Cantilever Shelving offers a classic look and a flexible design to accommodate books, periodicals, and reference shelves. Laminate or real wood end panels add a rich finished look. The shelves are adjustable to accommodate a wide range of media, which makes cantilever shelving a go-to storage system for academic institutions, corporate businesses, and public libraries. Also, a wide range of accessories are available for custom configurations.

Open Clip Type Shelving is often used for backroom bulk storage applications. For the cost value buyer, it’s available in both open design with sway braces for easy visual inventory or solid closed sides.

Wide Span Shelving is the perfect selection when tough, high weight capacity (2,400 lb./shelf) is needed. Pans of up to eight feet long by four feet deep per section mean fewer posts to obstruct access to your materials. Heights of up to 21 feet high mean efficient use of your valuable space.

Wire Shelving is heavy duty (800 lb./shelf) and is suited for both front office and back-room applications. Its dazzling mirror chrome finish is available in rust and corrosion resistant models. Boxes, parts, and supplies are stored in an open-air design and many accessories are available. Casters for mobility and ledges can be added. is the most attractive of these shelving types and is used in commercial or “clean” applications more often than the other shelving types. Like rivet style, it has open construction free of side and back sway braces, so it can be accessed from all four sides. It may serve in applications where more industrial style shelving is out of place.

Rivet Shelving is versatile, strong and fast to assemble. It provides easy access, stability, and up to 1,850 lbs. capacity per shelf level. It is constructed from a solid steel frame and uses decking (typically 5/8″ particle board, but also wire decks, plywood or solid steel) to hold the load. It’s used in industrial, warehousing, and storage room applications.

Closed Steel Shelving is closed steel panels fully on all sided and can be used in warehouses, offices, tool cribs, etc. It’s frequently installed for high-density applications like under-mezzanine storage for parts storage. Steel shelving is a very customizable shelving type. There are built-in bin fronts, multiple kinds of dividers, doors, and modular drawers as options.

Bin shelving is great for holding small materials and components. Bins are easy to organize and rearrange to create a more versatile shelving system and are a great supplement to any larger storage system. Choose bin shelving if you need containers to hold your smaller inventory.

Box Archive Shelving is the most economic design to store large amounts of file boxes that are rarely used. Double or Triple Deep design saves space and lowers cost utilizing this shelving application.

Modular Drawer shelving clears up the clutter of small items and tools in a warehouse or work area. By utilizing pullout drawers, space utilization within the units are highly efficient, ease of access is a benefit, and the aesthetics are cleanly projecting a well-organized shop.



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